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KAT's Mission

Help women-lead businesses thrive.

I listen.
I believe your stories matter.

Honesty and authenticity is what makes photos captivating; I promise to unveil your personality and showcase your real self that exudes both resilience and vulnerability. 
By leveraging my expertise in photography and storytelling, we create visuals that evoke emotion, build trust with your customers, and drive your business.


Capture the essence of your brand and connect with your audience

A photo session with Kat includes everything you need to go from invisible to being the face of your brand.


This is your time to shine, where you will feel seen and heard. Bring your positive energy and let’s create feminine, joyful images that represent your business and vision. 

With my uplifting personality, I create a peaceful space where you can be your authentic self.  

I am here to help you create an online business presence you can be proud of. Exactly the way you want it to be, unapologetically yours. Authentic and Strong. 

Brand photography creates irresistibility, connection, and trust with your clients throughout every brand touchpoint. The more consistent and intentional you are with your presence, the more impact you’ll have. With the right marketing images, your business will be impossible to ignore. 

So quit hiding and let your magic shine fearlessly - become the face of your brand and celebrate your visibility with authentic and inspiring brand images. 

Want to know more about KAT?

In the past, I used to feel like I could only accept the limitations society placed on women—getting married at a certain age, having a stable job that allows for raising children—although I didn't want to be confined to just that. Fortunately, when I turned 30, I had the opportunity to leave my home country where I grew up. I left behind my old job and started everything from scratch. 

Living in Ireland, USA and the UK as a foreigner myself, I faced many challenges and witnessed the bravery of numerous women. They broke free from the societal constraints imposed on women and redefined success on their own terms. They built their own careers and lived the life they desired. Inspired by them, I started to acknowledge my interest in photography and art and reconsidered what truly drives me in life. It was this crazy but beautiful foreign ride that renewed my belief in myself and fueled my passion for photography and art.

I began capturing their essence and those moments that touched my heart with a camera. I took photos for independent theatre groups, documented street art, captured family portraits for immigrant families, and even participated in photography competitions. As I embarked on this path considered unsafe by society, I discovered freedom. I realised that I had the ability to pursue my dream of economic independence through my passion for photography and art. I also discovered my love for connecting with people and couldn't wait to share this newfound freedom with other women.

But when I returned to my own country with all this passion, I realised that even after ten years, women are still facing the same challenges. Companies judge a person's capabilities based on their educational background, society still believes that women must prioritise their family over personal development, and the world continues to dictate what women should and shouldn't do. However, this time, I want to use the courage I have accumulated over these years to defy the societal expectations that once held me back and feel proud of who I am now. I want to bring change. 

Thus, my brand Kat Hackenberg Photography was born—a brand built upon the belief that every woman possesses the power to redefine her own story. I envisioned using photography as a bridge to connect entrepreneurial women, to celebrate diversity, self-expression, and the strength found in community. I want to empower women by capturing the hidden beauty, the courage within them that they haven't noticed in themselves. I want to make them feel comfortable to present their true selves in our sisterhood.


With this vision in mind, I embarked on a mission to provide a warm embrace to determined women through the art of photography. I hope any woman who ever felt buried by life like me, would know she was actually planted. We will bloom together. Through the art of photography, my brand stood as a testament to the notion that women can defy expectations, pursue their passions, and find fulfilment in their lives. It served as a constant reminder that our collective strength lies in supporting one another, breaks free from the constraints imposed by society and embraces our authentic selves. In the kingdoms we built, what we say goes. 

This is the story of a brand that aimed to redefine the narrative for women worldwide—one photograph at a time. And I just can’t wait to photograph your dreams, document your journeys, and share stories of resilience and triumph.

Sandra Knieling, Freelance Funeral Orator

“ …Ich bin sprachlos, Liebe Kat du bist eine Zauberin, ich finde mich auf den Fotos so hübsch! Es war eine wunderschöne Reise durch den Tag, kann gar nicht in Worte fassen wie glücklich ich gerade bin. Vielen Dank für deine Ideen, deine so offene Art, du bist der Hammer!…"

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