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Showcase the unique personality of your brand.

Working together, we can transition you from feeling invisible to being seen as a leader in your industry. Kat creates engaging visuals that tell your unique brand story to evoke emotion and build trust with your customers.

My vision is to see a world full of thriving female business owners. My mission is to help women become more visible, independent, and connected doing the things they love. 

Hi, I'm KAT

​I'm Kat- a photographer and storyteller who is passionate about helping creatives, makers, and small business owners create powerful/ captivating visual identities that will help them connect with their target audience, energise their brand, and inject personality into their business.


Empower your brand

We work with women who mean business. Capturing your brand visuals and empowering you to become industry leaders and gain the confidence to take your business to the next level. 

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KAT'S Mission

I listen. I believe your stories matter.

Honesty and authenticity are what make photos captivating; I promise to unveil your personality and showcase your real self that exudes both resilience and vulnerability. 
By leveraging my expertise in photography and storytelling, we create visuals that evoke emotion, build trust with your customers, and drive your business.


You're entrusting me with your story, and I take that responsibility to heart. I see myself as a partner who listens intently, values your individuality, and aims to capture the essence of who you are through my lens. Your photos should reflect your personality, passions, and quirks! 

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Sandra Knieling, Freelance Funeral Orator

“ …Ich bin sprachlos, Liebe Kat du bist eine Zauberin, ich finde mich auf den Fotos so hübsch! Es war eine wunderschöne Reise durch den Tag, kann gar nicht in Worte fassen wie glücklich ich gerade bin. Vielen Dank für deine Ideen, deine so offene Art, du bist der Hammer!…"

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